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Raytek RAYGPSSFL Standard Focus Sensing Head with 8-14µ, 50:1 Optics


Raytek RAYGPSSFL Standard Focus Sensing Head with 8-14µ, 50:1 Optics

This sensing head is not a stand-alone sensor and requires the GPC or GPCM to operate.

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Raytek RAYGPSSFL Offers


  • 110/220 VAC power
  • 1/8 DIN panel monitor
  • Powers CI, GPR, or GPS sensing heads
  • Accepts analog signal inputs from any 0-5V, 4-20mA or thermocouple type J, K, E,N, T, R, or S device


  • Temperature Range: -18°C to 538°C (0°F to 1000°F)
  • Accuracy (mV): ±1% of measured value or ±1°C (2°F), whichever is greater
  • Spectral Response: 8 to 14 microns
  • Repeatability (digital and voltage): ± 0.5% of reading or ± 2°C, whichever is greater
  • Repeatability (t/c): ± 0.5% of reading ± 1°C or ± 2°C, whichever is greater
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Response Time (95%): 300 mSec
  • Emissivity: 0.10 to 1.10 (adjustable)
  • Transmissivity: 0.10 to 1.00 (adjustable)
  • Signal Processing: Peak hold, valley hold, variable averaging
  • Self diagnostics/sensor status: Normal operation, alarm, out of range, unstable, sensor fault
  • Bore-Sight tolerance: 3° @ focal point
  • Includes an adjustable mounting bracket, mounting nut, a 4m (13') cable between the sensor and laser switch box, a laser switch box and an 8m (26') cable to connect the laserswitch box to the GPC monitor

Raytek XXXGPRCB8W High Temperature 5 Conductor Cable for the Raytek GP Series, 8m XXXGPRCB8W 26218
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